October 22, 2013

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Here in southern Illinois, apples are grown, harvested and shipped all over the Midwest.  We recently bought a bag of red delicious and golden delicious.

We had guests for dinner recently and watched the Cardinals in a play-off game.  We had steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, wedge salad, and for dessert, Apple Brown Betty with vanilla ice cream.

Here it us in the oven alongside the baked potatoes.  And that's the last picture I took of it.  I got too busy and forgot!  Anyway, my company loved it and wanted the recipe. 

This is Dutch Apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream.

And lastly, I made a Caramel Apple Pie.

I found all these recipes on the internet.  Our favorite was the Dutch Apple Pie, next the Apple Brown Betty, and lastly, the Caramel Apple Pie.  The recipe for the Apple Brown Betty called for whole wheat bread.  I would use white bread next time I make it.   Neither my husband nor I cared for the Caramel Apple pie, but it photographed beautifully!


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