January 16, 2014

A Knitted Blanket

I recently finished this blanket and gave it to my mother for her birthday. She loved it. And to think I was hesitant to give it to her as I often am when giving my hand knitted things as gifts. I had lunch with her yesterday, and she told me how lovely she thought it was and how well she liked it in her room. I am pleased she's pleased.
I found this pattern on Mason-Dixon Knitting. I used Lion Brand Amazing Yarn for the crosses and an off-white wool yarn I bought at the Hobby Lobby, and I honestly don't remember the name of it. Mine is a bit different from the original pattern, but to me, knitting patterns are like recipes, they are a guide.
I crocheted the squares together and crocheted the edging around the blanket. I liked it so much, I was tempted to keep it. The squares were super fun to do. It took awhile for me to complete it. I started it in February 2013 and delivered freshly finished on January 3, 2014. In my defense, I set it aside and finished the picnic blanket and airplane blanket, both which were crocheted, which seems to go faster for me.
Happy Knitting!



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