February 23, 2014

Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Ganache

We recently went to Destin, Florida, for a week's vacation.  While we were there, we found Smallcakes, a Cupcakery.

These are the cupcakes we bought on one of three days that we bought cupcakes there.  The one on the left is a chocolate cupcake with a chocolate butter cream filling and chocolate butter cream frosting.  The one on the right is a  German Chocolate cupcake.  We tried these two flavors as well as the chocolate with peanut butter frosting, chocoholic, and cookies and cream.  They were amazing.
So . . . when we got back, after three days of cupcakes and eating out every night, I decided I better scale back on fat and calories for dessert.

I used an angle food cake mix and made a chocolate ganache to drizzle on top.

To make this cake, follow the directions on the cake mix, any brand will do.  To make the chocolate ganache, melt semi-sweet chocolate chips in the microwave and add half-and-half.  Stir until smooth and glossy and drizzle over the baked cake.  Serve to family and friends!


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