March 13, 2014

A Baby Blanket

This blanket was fun and so easy.  It also knitted up fast.  It's four knitted triangles that I joined with a single crochet and picked up and knit a border around the edge.  The pattern is in the book wearwithall - Knits For Your Life.  (The pattern says to join with a mattress stitch).

I used I Love this Cotton yarn from the Hobby Lobby.  I really like this yarn.  It is ultra soft and knits up very nicely.  It comes in a large variety of colors and is perfect for a baby.  I have knitted a couple of sleeveless sweaters out of this yarn, and they turned out great!  It also happened to be on sale the day I bought it for this baby blanket.  I feel like for young mothers, the blanket needs to be able to be machine washed and line dried.

Awesomeness!  There is also a pattern for an adult-sized blanket knit with 16 triangles with different layout variations.  I am so going to knit it, as well, but I have way too many projects in my head and on the needles already.  My mind just goes a  million miles an hour about new projects every day!  I hope to make some for Christmas presents this year.  I better get busy!!


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