March 29, 2014

My Fireplace

Last Saturday, I repainted my brick fireplace.  This is how it looked before painting it:

We had used our fireplace more this year than the previous seven years we have lived here.  Last spring, we had put in new ventless gas logs and the new glass doors.  As you can see from this picture, the front of the fireplace was stained from the heat.  My inspiration was from a picture in a Crate & Barrel ad book that I received in the mail.  The brick was painted white (just like mine was), but the mantel was blue!  I loved, loved it!  I had never had put wood in the area for storing wood.  I had always covered it up with a potted fern, an urn, or other things throughout the years.

So I painted the mantel blue, repainted the brick white, and used the opening in the fireplace for its original purpose by adding firewood into the opening in the front of the fireplace.   

I am far from crazy about the vent covers in this fireplace.  I have researched this on the internet, and this is a ventilator fireplace, and I'm sort of at a loss right now about what to do about them.  I am continuing to think through that, and I hope to come up with a solution soon.

I am mostly happy with the way it turned out.  The reason for my slight discontent are the vent covers.   I love the pop of blue, and I really like the firewood.  



  1. Nice work! I liked the fact that you converted to a gas log system. You mentioned that you had to use your fireplace more frequently lately. Was that the reason for switching from the conventional one? Whatever the reason, that should take care of your heating needs the next time it gets too cold.

    Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire & Outdoor

  2. Even though there were only subtle changes that you made in your fireplace, I can see that it looks fresher and cleaner than before. The blue mantle really adds a variety into the color of the fireplace, and surprisingly it blended pretty well with the overall aesthetic of your home. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your fireplace, Bella. :)

    Brett Rogers @ Flame Furnace