April 20, 2014

Finally . . . Time to Put Out Flowers

I have bought planted pots and annuals and perennials for years from Mueller's Greenhouses.  I make the trip to their greenhouses in the spring every year.   I went Friday to buy a few things to get started:  Ferns for the front porch, rosemary and basil for the back patio, and begonias.  I absolutely love this place.  To me, greenhouses are a little bit of heaven right here on earth.   It is so peaceful, and their plants are beautiful.   Their color combinations, plant combinations and displays are very inspiring and nothing short of fantastic.

I have been making this annual journey for over 25 years.   I wanted to take pictures on the inside but was too bashful to ask permission.  I may work up the nerve next time.  I took this pictures with my iPhone so they aren't quite as good as with my camera.

Here are my Boston ferns.  They are always very lush and oh, so beautiful.  Now if I can keep the house finches from nesting in  them.   The ferns don't thrive with the nest and bird droppings (yuck).  

The begonias are in the back and the rosemary and basil are in the plastic bag.  I filled the back end of my car up.   I plan on going back again this week to fill it up one more time.

When I retire from being a court reporter, maybe I'll just water flowers in a greenhouse.

Happy gardening!!



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