April 27, 2014

Spring-Time Desserts

I was in charge of the desserts for Easter Dinner last weekend.  I made banana pudding and for the chocolate lovers, I made brownies.

The banana pudding is a family favorite and has been made often over the years.  My sister made this banana pudding for us the first time we had it.  I had always made a vanilla custard and then added bananas.  My sister had eaten this pudding at work many years ago, and she got the recipe from her co-worker who made it.   Maybe the recipe was on the can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk.  Anyway I wrote it up on this card way before the days of Pinterest and searching the internet for recipes.   It's pretty straight-forward.

The brownies were a mix with sprinkles baked on top to look like spring - very festive.

And today, I made this for Cudjoe and I:

An angel food cake with strawberry icing.  I used an angel food cake mix from Aldi's.  It tasted great!  I made the icing using about 16 ounces of powdered sugar, fresh strawberries that I pureed with a bit of sugar,  a little half and half, and a stick of butter (room temperature).  I blended it with my stand mixer and after the cake cooled, I spread on the icing.

I love to bake and I love to cook, but one thing I don't like to do is write recipes, and I don't always  follow recipes.  I just like to throw things together.  As I've said here before for me, a recipe is a guide, and I'm not certain just exactly how much half and half or strawberries I used.  

These desserts are easy and delicious!  Just right for today's busy families!


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