June 29, 2014

Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies

I saw these Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies on a blog recently.   They are yummy, chocolatey goodness.

The brownie base is very dense.  The recipe called for eight ounces of chocolate, but I only used six ounces because that's all I had, and for me, that was enough chocolate.  I have to say I've tried lots of different brownies made from scratch, and this is the first one I have actually liked well enough to make again.

Here is the link to the blog where I found this recipe.  

Serve to family and friends!!


June 22, 2014

Riverlore Mansion

Riverlore Mansion is located in Cairo, Illinois' residential section at 28th and Washington Avenue.  This area of Cairo was once known as "Millionaire's Row".

Riverlore Mansion was buit in 1865 by Captain William Parker Halliday, a prominent businessman in Cairo and a riverboat captain.  It was Captain Halliday's wife and daughters who presented The Hewer to the City of Cairo in 1906 in his memory as described in my previous post.

Riverlore Mansion is across the street from the Magnolia Manor.  The roof of Riverlore was designed to be flat to resemble the deck of a steamboat so that Captain Halliday could view the river standing on his roof.  He lived at the Riverlore Mansion for 34 years.

It was after the Civil War that Halliday and his four brothers rapidly expanded their business interests in Cairo.  By the end of his life, he was a multimillionaire.

The City of Cairo purchased Riverlore in an effort to preserve it.  It has been used for bridal showers, baby showers, engagement parties, weddings, among other social events since.  Its upkeep was done by volunteers.

It is now for sale, and if you want to see pictures inside the home, you can find them here.  It is listed under "In Town Living".

Cairo has a very interesting and rich history.  I am looking forward to sharing more about Cairo with you in the future!


June 16, 2014

The Hewer

The Hewer is a sculpture that sits in the middle of Halliday Park in Cairo, Illinois.  It was created by George Grey Bernard and cast in bronze.  The sculpture was commissioned by Miss Mary Halliday and was displayed at the 1904 Worlds Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.  It was presented to the City of Cairo in 1906 by the Halliday family in memory of Captain W. P. Halliday.  

The Hewer is a nude man hewing wood to save the people from a flood.  It is one of many historically interesting things in a city that at its highest population was 15,203 in 1920 but has dwindled to 2,831 residents as of 2010.

Cairo, Illinois, is the southern-most city in Illinois, and is about the same distance to Birmingham, Alabama, as it is to Chicago, Illinois, and I would say has more in common with the first as opposed to the latter.  The sign into Cairo used to read "Gateway to the South".

I was born and raised in Cairo, Illinois, and still work there; however, in 2005, I moved to another town in southern Illinois 35 miles north of Cairo.

Cairo has a rich and interesting history.   There are several beautiful buildings and homes in Cairo.  I will be blogging about some of those, as well as other points of interest in southern Illinois.  I hope to showcase the beauty of southern Illinois.


June 8, 2014

Strawberry Freezer Preserves

       Memorial Day, I made strawberry freezer preserves.  I used to make strawberry and peach freezer preserves with my mother.  We'd get an assembly line going with other members of the family, and then would share the jars of jelly.  They are delicious to serve on toast or with ice cream.  

     I bought the berries locally.  We have an abundance of locally grown fruit and vegetables right in our community.  We have a great Farmer's Market every Tuesday morning.

     I've capped the berries and washed them, and here they are ready to mash.

     The recipe is in the Sure Jell box.  Kroger also has their own brand as well as Save-a-Lot.

     This hand belongs to Cudjoe (my husband, if you're wondering), and he is stirring the fruit pectin and water.  Yes, he did help.  Thank you, Cudjoe.  


Share with family and friends!!