June 8, 2014

Strawberry Freezer Preserves

       Memorial Day, I made strawberry freezer preserves.  I used to make strawberry and peach freezer preserves with my mother.  We'd get an assembly line going with other members of the family, and then would share the jars of jelly.  They are delicious to serve on toast or with ice cream.  

     I bought the berries locally.  We have an abundance of locally grown fruit and vegetables right in our community.  We have a great Farmer's Market every Tuesday morning.

     I've capped the berries and washed them, and here they are ready to mash.

     The recipe is in the Sure Jell box.  Kroger also has their own brand as well as Save-a-Lot.

     This hand belongs to Cudjoe (my husband, if you're wondering), and he is stirring the fruit pectin and water.  Yes, he did help.  Thank you, Cudjoe.  


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