September 15, 2014

The Traveling Vietnam Wall

The Traveling Vietnam Wall was at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale September 11 - 14.   My hubbie and I went up to see it.  The booklet that was handed out to us at the gate says "The 80% replica of the Washington D.C. memorial is a tangible symbol of recognition."    "Of the 58,300 names inscribed on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. and this Traveling Vietnam Wall, 162 names are from 23 counties of Southern Illinois."

When we first walked through the gate, this is what we saw.  It was very moving.

The black flag flying below the American flag was raised while we were there, and it represents the soldiers who were missing in action.

It was a perfect day with beautiful blue skies, no humidity and fall-like temperatures.   So great for all involved.

It seemed to be coordinated with the Southern Illinois University/Southeast Missouri University football game, so people attending the game got a chance to stop by and see it.  If it is ever in your community,  I would certainly recommend seeing it.


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