October 24, 2014

A Dishcloth Extravaganza

This past summer I knit a kitchen table full of dishcloths.   They are great to knit in the summer for obvious reasons.  They are easy to take with you while in the car for short trips, long trips, while on the beach, while waiting in the doctor's office, or while watching your favorite TV shows.

Speaking of favorite TV show, I may have found a new one, which is pretty difficult for me to do.  All these channels, and I feel like there's nothing to watch!  Last night I stumbled across a show on HGTV called "Rehab Addict".   Old houses that are in pretty bad condition are restored to their original beauty, and some of the restoration is done on a budget (I really like this part).  I  love old homes, perhaps because I grew up in a town full of old homes:  Victorians, bungalows, Craftsmen, to name a few.  The home I owned there was built circa 1908, and we restored it.  I always think old homes have such stories to tell and have such character!!

Well, back to my regularly scheduled dishcloth entry.  Hand  knit dishcloths are the only ones I use.  I also give them as host or hostess gifts.  It is nice to have a stockpile of them so you can grab a few of them to take along when you're invited for dinner.

I knit my cloths with Peaches & Creme which you can find at Walmart.  It is very soft and cushy.  For these dishcloths, I used the Ballband Dishcloth pattern, the The "Infamous" Darrell Waltrip Cloth pattern, and The Almost Lost Washcloth Pattern, which I modified.

I hope you enjoyed my "dishcloth extravaganza",  and I hope I inspired some of you to cast on!


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