February 24, 2015

Macy's Chevron Blanket

This sweet little blanket is for my niece, Macy.  

 My Mimmie taught me to crochet when I was a young girl.   Oh, how I loved sitting by her on the couch and watching her crochet or lap-quilt one of her creations.  I do wish I would have learned to quilt from her.  She made beautiful afghans and beautiful quilts.  

It has been so many years since I made a blanket like this, I had to refresh my memory.  It is very easy to crochet, works up quickly, and is loads of fun to make.  I especially enjoyed watching the colors come together.  Unfortunately, I don't have my big camera with me and am using a small camera that is easy to carry in my purse.  The colors aren't exactly accurate, but you get the idea.

I double crocheted most rows with some half-double crocheted rows mixed in.   I added these cute little pom-poms for the border across the top and bottom.

I used "I Love this Cotton" yarn from the Hobby Lobby.  This is a soft yarn in nice colors.
However, it does shed and especially on black pants.  I wear a lot of black, so I have to keep a lint roller handy when I'm working with this yarn.  

I hope you enjoy it, sweet Macy!!

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