February 16, 2015

"Woofstock" Mardi Gras Dog Parade

My hubby and I went to the Mardi Gras Dog Parade yesterday at  the Village of Baytowne Wharf at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort.  It was a be-a-utiful, sunny 64-degree day.  The streets were full of people and their four-legged family members, too.  This stilted fellow led the way for the "Woofstock"-themed parade.  He was followed by a jazz band.  So much fun.

Parade entrants decorated their golf carts and pooches in full Mardi Gras regalia.
There were so many people lining the streets that it was difficult to see from our vantage point.  Cudjoe got these pictures with his iPhone . . . because he's tall.  I could only get the backs of people's heads!

This past weekend, February 13 and 14 was the Annual Gumbo Festival at Baytowne Wharf.  On Sunday was the annual Mardi Gras Dog Parade, and Tuesday, the 17th, will be the annual Mardi Gras parade (featuring people, not puppy dogs).  Loads of fun.

How about the awesome scenery?  I love the purple and yellow mix of pansies.

 The Poodle brigade.

This "older gentleman" was very laid back and friendly, true to his Golden Retriever nature.   

And how about this fellow?  Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed Shar Pei.  And . . . he kept his hat on his head.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.

 Here is another shot of him.  He deserves the best-dressed award.

This is Tessa a three-year old rescue miniature dachshund.  She was so, so sweet and well-behaved.

This sweet little Lhasa Apso is 16-years old.  His owner said he figured he didn't need a leash because he wouldn't get that far in front of him!

And here I am with Molly, our little Cavalier King Charles mix.  Gracie must be hidden behind my leg.

 There they both are.  We are patiently waiting for the parade to start.

And here's hubby watching the parade.  The girls were not sure about any of this.  It was their first parade!

 A fun way to spend the day!


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