August 21, 2015

Chicken Salad

We played golf the other day, and after we finished we stopped by the club house to have something to eat.  We got their chicken salad sandwiches, and I believe this was the best chicken salad sandwich I have eaten in awhile.

I came home and tried to reconstruct the recipe, and  I think I came really close.

The chicken was not just shredded; it was the consistency of being pulsed in a food processor.  

It was chocked full of celery and grapes.  I could taste the onion but couldn't see it like I could the celery and grapes.

This recipe for chicken salad is also very pretty with the red grapes and celery.   It is best served on really fresh bread, on crackers, or stuffed into a tomato, especially now when tomatoes are still "in season".

This is how I made this delicious chicken salad:


1 boneless, skinless chicken breast
Boxed chicken broth - enough broth to cover chicken breast
1 stalk of celery, chopped
1 handful of grapes, cut in half
1/4 of an onion
3 to 4 tablespoons of mayonnaise
salt and pepper - to taste

The Process:

Boil chicken breast in chicken broth until chicken is done.  Remove chicken from broth, let cool, and break up with a fork.  Put chicken in a food processor along with the onion and pulse.  Spoon chicken into a bowl adding celery, grapes, salt and pepper, and mayonnaise. (I think how much mayonnaise you use is up to you.  I add in the mayonnaise, look at it, taste it, and if I think it needs more, I add more.  I start with less, so as not to add too much.)

Serve to family and friends!!


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