October 26, 2015

A Quick Trip to Versailles

Cudjoe and I went to Versailles, Kentucky, to visit family last week.  It was a quick trip over there and back.  Just 24 hours there.

We went to Wallace Station for supper.  This restaurant is located in an old house, in the heart of Bluegrass horse country.  There are lots of beautiful horse farms to see along the way.  It is also near the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

The deck has picnic tables for eating, and there are also picnic tables in the "yard" area, as well,

This old barn is located behind the restaurant, and right in front of it is an area for children to play.

It was a truly beautiful evening for eating outside.  We have to enjoy this weather while it lasts!

I didn't even think to take pictures of our food, but I had Cream of Mushroom soup, which was very good, and a Greek salad.  It was good, as well.  Their menu is on their website complete with great pictures of their food.

If you find yourself in the area, it is worth a visit.

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