November 30, 2015

Crazy A$% Kit Kat Cake

It is truly fun to find these types of cakes on the internet.  I mean, who knew??

I was reading one of my favorite crochet blogs last week, and this cake was right there begging me to make it!  So, I did.

If you're like me and can't resist a fun cake like this, it is easy to do, and according to my sweet mother, the best cake she had ever eaten!

You will need:

1 box of cake mix.  I used a Pillsbury Moist Supreme White Cake Mix.  Just make the cake following the directions on the box.  I substituted 1 cup of milk for 1 cup of water.  I baked the cake batter in two 8-inch round cake pans that I "greased" and dusted with flour.  I baked the cakes according to the directions on the box.

Let the cakes cool completely and remove from pans.  I torted the cakes so they didn't have a dome on them.  I frosted the cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  I then placed Kit Kat candy bars all the way around.  (I think it took eight candy bars).  I covered the top of the cake with semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Tie a ribbon around the cake, and there you have it!

Crazy, right?

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