February 14, 2016

All Restaurants Aren't Created Equally

I have a lot of pictures to share in this post.  These pictures are all taken in Seaside, Florida, located in the Panhandle of Florida between Destin and Panama City.  (These pictures are taken close to sunset and with my i-Phone; so, they aren't as good as using my DSLR, but I left it at home.)  One less thing to pack.

This is the hub of Seaside.   It is shaped like a horseshoe and is lined with shops and restaurants.

Seaside is truly beautiful, as well as its neighbor, Watercolors.  It is quaint, and you can read all about it on Wikipedia.

The movie, The Truman Show "put it on the map", so to speak, as most of the movie was filmed here.

The houses are all pastels and have to be of particular architectural designs.    

It is really beautiful and worth seeing.

The American flag flies high above the shopping area of Seaside.  Shops and restaurants and local artists abound in this area.  

Finding a parking place can be a tiny bit of a challenge.  But it was a beautiful evening for a walk.

The homes are built down alleyways just like this.

This is an old fashioned diner that is right across the street from the main shopping area, which is on the same side as the beach.

And here are a few more shops along the way.

Live music was provided in front of this store.

Now to the main event.  We drove over to Seaside from Destin to eat supper.  The restaurant was recommended to us.  Shrimp and Grits is their signature dish.  One of my favorites, and something I never, ever make at home.

Pretty presentation.  Barbecued shrimp on a bed of stone-ground grits with gouda cheese, spinach, apple-smoked bacon, and a hay stack of sweet potatoes, with toasted french bread.

Cudjoe had the Prime Rib with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans.  Also, a very nice presentation.  

The service was excellent.  We were seated right away.  I had a glass of Malbec, which was very good, and the food came very quickly.  No messing around.

But . . . we were both disappointed.  

The restaurant business is a tough business, and we always try to stay gracious.  What can you do?  

You can admire the kite flying high above your heads on the beach on your walk back to the car.


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