February 24, 2016

Log Cabin Blanket

I love to knit and am an avid knitter.  I especially like to knit blankets.

I had pinned this blanket some time ago, and knew that I had a stockpile of wool yarn and could knit a blanket basically "for free".  

 Due to my "spending hangover" from the holidays, I declared   January and February "frugal January" and "frugal February".

I am especially proud of myself that I am able to entertain myself making these log cabin blocks with left-over wool yarn that I had "stashed" away.  I had so much that I filled a large Home Goods shopping bag full of wool yarn.  

Some of these yarns were used for other projects, and some of them had never been used at all.

This pattern is easy to memorize.  It is also fun to see all the colors come together.

I plan on doing a black border.

I actually have enough yarn to do another log cabin blanket and totally plan on doing just that.

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