July 23, 2016


I love going to the Farmer's Markets!  And we are totally blessed to have some great ones.  

Molly goes with us on Saturday mornings.  There are lots of other dogs there, and they have a great time greeting each other.

Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, there are many different vendors:  Some selling fresh flowers, floral arrangements, sweet treats, homemade breads, and homemade dog treats (which Molly and Gracie got a dozen, and they really like them).

It was hard work walking around in the heat and greeting other dogs and lots of people, too!!

Peaches are in season, and we bought some and had some given to us!  I paid it forward by giving some away, and I made this awesome Peach Pie.

I adapted my favorite Peach Cobbler recipe to make a pie.  

These peaches were so juicy that they soaked the crust, and this is what a close-up of a piece of the pie looked like:

My motto is it doesn't have to be beautiful to taste delicious, and this great pie really delivered a heaping helping of deliciousness!!

I usually only bake once a week because, well, we eat it -- all.   And we don't need to!

As we are all well aware, it only takes one little search on the internet to find a bunch of recipes for any pie that your heart desires.  

So you can do just that.  I always say a recipe is just a guide, and I often tailor it to my taste and to what ingredients I have available.

So, if fresh peaches are in in your neck of the woods, may this post be an inspiration for you to make a delicious Peach Pie!


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