November 7, 2016


Today I am sharing a recipe for a great dip that is perfect for any kind of party.  

I make it in the microwave oven.  If you are taking it somewhere, which is what I did with this dip, I put it in a small crockpot, and turned in on warm.

I made it for a very informal, almost picnic style potluck that we  have after our bi-monthly couples golf scramble at our local country club.

I've made this recipe for years, and it was passed along to me by a family member.  It couldn't be easier or more delicious!!

Rotel Dip

1 8-ounce Velveeta Cheese
1 can Refried Beans
1 can of Rotel Tomatoes

Melt all three together in a glass bowl in the microwave oven, stopping to stir occasionally and check for melting, so as not to burn.

Serve to family and friends!!

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