July 10, 2017


The recipe for these wonderful muffins was in the July 2017 issue of FOOD & WINE magazine.

I had to walk through Barnes and Noble to get a manicure and pedicure recently, and on the way back through, I stopped off and bought a copy.

It has a lot of great recipes, but this one stood out for me!

We thought they were especially delicious.  I slightly adapted the recipe.  I didn't add in the amount of walnuts called for in the recipe (I could live without them.  I'm kind of meh on nuts in baking.)
But my husband loved the walnuts.  

I also substituted Ghirardelli white chocolate chips for Vairhona Ivoire white chocolate.  I generally cook and bake with readily accessible products that I can buy locally.  And Ghirardelli chocolate is superb.

The white chocolate was the star of these muffins.
When I make them again, I will leave out the walnuts and add more white chocolate; so, I suppose they will have to be renamed White Chocolate Muffins!!



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