October 12, 2017


I made brownies for our Couple's Golf Scramble at our local Country Club.  After our scramble, we have a "potluck".   There's always lots of good food!

These delicious brownies are made from a brownie mix that is "doctored" by adding buttermilk instead of water, butter instead of oil.  You get the idea.

I searched Pinterest for a recipe, and this one popped up first.  You can find the recipe over on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen.  

The recipe is from the book The Cake Mix Doctor Returns!  I have ordered it from Amazon, and I am greatly anticipating its arrival!!

These brownies taste somewhat like fudge.  They are simply a chocolate-lovers must bake.

The frosting is made "from scratch" and is poured over the top of the brownies.  I refrigerated my brownies before cutting.  It made them easier to cut.

They really are the "best brownies", and if you are looking for something that is "foolproof" and delicious,  I recommend this recipe.  Happy Baking!!

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